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Uploaded to You Tube on 9/9/09 - a haka chant contrasts jarringly with beautiful imagry.
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Kevin's daughter Caroline (Fogavai) with
him at Barnes & Noble

"Former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer to Samoa pens thriller
rich with deadly action, clashing egos, and battles for power."

note: Barnes & Noble books signing for this "red-hot" novel April 29, 2011, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

July 2012. An assassin decapitates a U.S. congressman in American Samoa then enters independent Samoa for other targets during its 50th Independence Day celebrations. Polynesian beauty Pua, the sole agent of the Samoan Secret Service, must protect their national leader—her grandfather. With an anti-colonial chip on her shoulder and a black belt to back it up, she faces a down-on-his-luck CIA agent and a rogue New Zealand diplomat . . .

They close in on each other and the warrior-assassin as they race to discover a well-kept secret regarding Samoa's future kept by the historical figure Robert Louis Stevenson. Letters from Stevenson attest to "the ongoing warring between royal families," which threatens - then and now - to erupt into civil war; uncovering a long-buried manuscript would virtually guarantee it. As murders mount, a riot rips through the capital, a Chinese agent works her own agenda, and military ships and a hurricane approach. Pua and Ken, the CIA agent, must figure out how to put aside the past and harness their growing attraction to catch the killer and prevent the archipelago from disintegrating.

"A fast-paced, multi-faceted tale that will keep you entertained from start to finish . . .” review 

"This is the book for you if you're hunting for a good read on something 'Pacific Islandish' with a dash of failed James Bond tryst, which adds all the more humour to it." Mai Life Magazine, Suva, Fiji

Award-winning Finalist, Best Books of 2010, multicultural fiction category -- USA Book News

South Pacific Survivor
In Samoa

a multicultural political thriller
by Kevin Daley

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